What is the Long Table? How long is it, exactly? Why should I meet you there? Get answers to those (and other important questions) here.

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What is Meet Me at the Long Table?

Meet Me at the Long Table is a collection of stories and recipes from myself and my family and friends. It is a virtual dinner table conversation in which we can all connect and get to know one another a little bit better.

How long is this table?

Well, right now it is quite tiny, but with each new story and reader it grows a little bit. That’s the magic that happens when we gather together with one another and share our stories and meals. That is what Meet Me at the Long Table is all about.

Why should I meet you there?

Well, you don’t have to, but if you enjoy good food with a great tale behind it, I think you will like it here.

Who are you, exactly? And why did you create Meet Me at the Long Table?

I’m Courtney Cikach (if you need more information, I’ve left everything important(ish) in my bio) and Meet Me at the Long Table is the result of many years of my own desultory thoughts and experiences finally culminating into something tangible. It’s a way for me to connect with my favorite people and with you.

Are the stories true?

Yes, the stories are all true (to the best of my knowledge anyway – I wasn’t always present, but a little imagination is good for the soul).

Are the recipes original?

Many are, and others are adapted from or inspired by other recipes. In those cases, we always give credit to the original author.

Can I write a story?

Let’s chat! Please sent me a message here: Contact Me.